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The Semiconductor industry is truly a giant, its 250 Billion $ industry and has a growth rate upwards of 10%. The industry is a symbol of technological advancement and is increasingly moving towards fully automated processes, which includes Data processing and process management. The major challenges faced by the industry are, Cost Minimization pressure, Strict Quality Conformance, Faster Cycle Times and Need for Process Flexibility. Let us look at how Information Systems help the industry meet these challenges

Cost Reduction- Information systems provide better visibility and aid better process control, which in-turn save resources and limit redundant activities. Semiconductor industry faces cost pressures because of the high degree of standardization and intense competition; this means there is less room for error when it comes to cost control. I2DS with its solutions helps exert cost control and promotes accountability, our applications like Equipment Management and MES help reduce costs by improving process effectiveness and efficiency.

Quality Conformance- Irrespective of industry quality is a vital parameter but more so in semiconductor industry due to the higher degree of standardization. I2DS’ quality management solutions coupled with powerful process control applications have been designed to ensure quality excellence for the semiconductor industry.

Cycle Time Reduction- Speed is a crucial competitive priority for the semiconductor industry, with less time to react and even lesser to develop new products, it is important to take the aid of Information Solutions. I2DS has developed state-of-the-art solutions such as the MES to achieve this very objective for the industry.

Flexibility- Semiconductor Industry depends on the flexibility of its operations to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing need of its customers. I2DS’ solutions facilitate flexibility which is in-built in design of its applications and helps the industry realize its true operational potential.


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