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The Electronic Assembly Industry is a fast growing and highly challenging industry. The major challenges faced by the Industry today are- Cost Competition, Speed of Delivery, Product Quality and Dependability. To meet these challenges, I2DS has devised information solutions that address these very competitive challenges faced by the industry. Let’s take a sneak peek on how these solutions have managed to overcome these challenges.

Cost Competition- Electronic Assembly is facing rampant cost competition and with process technology that is at the peak of advancement, there are very few avenues to cut costs. Realizing this I2DS has come up with information solutions that facilitate process control, which in turn leads to better cost control. The industry benefits in two ways from such solution, one by achieving process excellence and two by limiting production costs and over heads. Our applications like Equipment Management and MES aim precisely at this problem and help reduce costs by improving process effectiveness.

Delivery Speed- Inventory turnover is a major concern for the industry as it can ill-afford high inventories due to increased rate of product obsolescence and product modification. To promote better performance in this perspective I2DS has developed its Factory Automation and Fab Management solutions, which ensure better cycle times and lower inventory costs.

Product Quality- In an industry where product features and performance are the key selling points, it would be very costly to ignore Quality Management. As the industry believes in quality so does I2DS. We realize the value of Quality Management in the Industry and we have made it a point to emphasize it through all our solutions for the industry, every solution designed by us for the industry is aimed at meeting and exceeding the desired quality level.

Dependability- The industry depends on suppliers to provide best quality inputs and on customers to achieve better profitability. But both suppliers and customers depend on the industry for continuous innovation, better and cheaper products. Thus to make operations dependable I2DS’ solutions provide integration from the supplier’s operation to the customer’s warehouse.


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