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The Bio-Technology industry is at the forefront of the technology revolution with an immense potential in the Global market. It is an industry that is respected for its contributions and efforts towards the elimination of serious health ailments, including Cancer. The massive investment that the industry attracts can be gauged from the total money invested in the industry since inception, which is over 350 Billion $. But along with great potential come great challenges and some of the challenges faced by the Bio-Tech Industry are- Tight Budgets for R&D expenditure, Product Liability, Competition from within the industry and from traditional Pharmaceutical companies, High Operational Expenditure and Process Efficiency. Due to the biological nature of products coupled with engineering applications, the Rate of Rejection and failure is high in the industry. I2DS has been able to ward off these challenges through it Information Systems specially designed for the Bio-Tech Industry. Lets look at how I2DS meets a few of the major industry challenges.

R&D Expenses- I2DS’ Lab Information Management systems integrated with its other powerful application ensure that the R&D efforts are fruitful and within budgets. Due to the integrated nature of our solutions all the stakeholders of the R&D function which includes production and marketing staff can be involved in the development process. This clarity helps reach better efficiency in the R&D Endeavor.

Product Liability-I2DS’ Safety and Quality Management applications ensure that products meet the required standards. These systems allow users to better conform to desired standards, due to their design that promotes analysis and control. Such analysis and control allows for a more effective Safety and Quality Management Process.

Process Efficiency/ Rejection Rate- Through its state-of-the art Equipment Management, Process Control and MES solution I2DS achieves better process efficiency. Due to tight process control and better quality management the rejection rates are reduced. For an industry that faces high rejection rates, an information system like ours can be the difference between success and failure.

Elevated Competition- The Bio-Tech industry faces intense competition, not just from with-in the industry but from the Pharma industry as well. To cut down excess costs and become more competitive information solutions that increase process efficiency have become a must. I2DS’ MES, EMS and SPC applications are helping many players in the industry achieve this desired cost-control


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