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The Automotive industry is a Huge Industry and when we sat Huge we mean it, the massive nature of the industry can be construed by the sheer volume of production of automobiles in 2012, which is a staggering- 84,141,209 units. The industry has proved to be immensely profitable for proactive players. The major challenges the industry faces are- Stringent Global Competition, Huge R&D Costs, Product Efficiency Issues, Cost-Competitiveness Pressures and High Quality Conformance Standards both for production and raw materials. Let’s look at a few ways in which I2DS’ solutions have helped the industry meet its many challenges.

Stringent Global Competition- The automotive industry faces the most stringent and ruthless competition, which is very Global in nature. There is an evident need to improve process efficiency and reduce overall expenditure. These objectives are achieved through the unique application that I2DS has developed for the industry, application like the MES, EMS, Manufacturing Excellence and Factory Automation.

Huge R&D Expenditure- I2DS’ LIMS or Laboratory Information Management System, coupled with other process integration solutions, aim at minimizing the R&D cost while maximizing the process utility. Our solutions help achieve the motto of doing things right the first time even in an R&D scenario.

Product Efficiency- Product Efficiency can be improved only when the knowledge base of the organization allows for it. I2DS’ integrated manufacturing information systems allow for the development of organizational and process knowledge and thus help achieve the desired efficiency, initially from the process and then from the product.

Quality Conformance- In the automobile industry quality is defined from these major perspectives, aesthetics, conformance, product features, reliability and service. To ensure your operations meet these quality objectives, I2DS’ quality management system for the industry inculcates these parameters in its design and hence ensure that these parameters never go neglected.


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