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Improve Accuracy of Inventory Management.

Inventory Management is it really a concern for your Organization? I bet it is and always will be. Inventory is one of the three major factors that influence and shape the operation of any Manufacturing Organization. There are many ideas regarding inventory from very simple ones to highly complex ones, for me inventory is- ‘Any material that enters a production plant and is either transformed or helps transform other material to finished goods, which are then sold to earn revenue.’ Now think about your own unit for a second keeping the above mentioned definition in perspective, you will get a clear idea of what Inventory is for you. Inventory Management has now become a separate field of Management Studies, many Theories have been propounded on the subject and organizations world wide are following practices like Just In Time Management. But all operations professionals know that no matter how good a theory might be its practical implementation can be extremely complicated and cumbersome in the absence of concrete planning and synergized execution. There are many systems that manage inventory in a ware-house, but such systems fail to agree with my definition of inventory and inventory management, as inventory is not just material received from a vendor, it is also work-in-progress and finished goods. Thus conventional ERP solutions have limited functionality when it comes to efficient and accurate inventory management. I2DS realized this universal pain point and come up with a unique and highly effective solution, I2DS’ Inventory Management Solution give your Organization the accuracy you desire. How is that? You ask- Well our Inventory Management Solution allows you to track the inventory right from your Ware-House to the EOL or End of your Production Line. The beauty of our solution is that it can adapt with your system and give you seamless functionality. If you are able to track material right from entry into the plant to finished goods, you can manage inventory effectively with 100% accuracy. If you have the exact idea of which material is being consumed where and in what quantity you can effectively practice JIT manufacturing, cut costs and achieve a truly competitive production line. So if you are facing problems with your present system and want a better more comprehensive solution, you just have to let us know and we will take care of the rest, write into us at

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