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I2DS Reports 75 Percent Earnings Growth in 3rd Qtr

I2DS, a provider of Manufacturing and R&D Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, and Manufacturing Excellence software and IT, Factory Operations, Supply Chain, & Engineering Services serves various organizations and industries such as solar, semiconductor, automotive, and biotech announced its remarkable 3rd quarter results this week.


• The company today reported 3rd quarter results highlighted by growing revenues and earnings.
• Factory MES products contributed to approximately 37% of the company’s revenue and IT & Engineering Services accounted for nearly 32% with remaining income from other product and service packages.
“Our execution by our global team was unprecedented this quarter which resulted in a strong quarter with growing revenues and surpassed earnings. We feel excited about our accomplishments and we look forward to sustaining at these levels in future quarters.” said VP of Products and Services Vivek Bhachawat who has extensive experience working for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel Corporation and First Solar.

Business Outlook:

Senior Management is excited on continued efforts in regional and global business opportunities and anticipates further growth in existing and new market sectors. The company continues to expand into new markets and organizations and will continue to leverage the market acceptance of its flagship MES Products and wide range of Services. “We believe that continued focus on innovation of our products, new business development opportunities, and brand name recognition efforts will enable us to penetrate the market and strive to be a market leader.”, says Vivek Bhachawat, VP of Products and Services.

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