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I2DS or Integrated Data Driven Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of Factory Automation, MES Solutions, Process Control, Data Base Management and Operations Excellence Solutions; it is based in California and has a global presence with offices in The US, Europe and Asia. It is a provider of IT solutions for manufacturing and has made a formidable presence in the Solar, Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly industries. Its revenues have been growing constantly along with its technical and support staff across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

• The company has had an overwhelming response from the market, registering a revenue increase of 71% in the last quarter.
• I2DS has expanded its global team to provide Local Support to its diverse customer base and increased the overall head count by 12%.

“The key to success in our business is the unique combination having expertise in IT with an experience in Manufacturing Operations Management. This unique combination of skills sets us apart from other players in the Factory Automation and Operations excellence sector. Our team has the ability of understanding what is unique in a process and how can it be improved with applications like the MES or Manufacturing Excellence. Our endeavor is not just to provide our customers with standard solutions but rather provide them solutions which adapt to their process and help them improve their overall business performance. We aim to optimize the entire manufacturing endeavor for our clients operations through, path breaking solutions and strive to grow together with them” said VP of Sales and Marketing Vivek Bhachawat

Business Outlook:

The management has shown how serious it is with the ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’ Strategy, by recruiting professionals in Asia, Americas and Europe to provide local support for their globally accepted and revered Information Solutions. The main recruitment has been done in Marketing, Operations and Technical Support. In his opening meeting with the newly recruited team in India, the VP of Sales and Marketing, Vivek Bhachawat said “It gives me great pleasure to announce today that we have increased our revenue by 71% in the last quarter and with the new additions in our workforce we have increased our I2DS family by 12%.” He later went on to add that, “ Currently we are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and if we maintain our high standards and keep our customers as our first and only priority, the stats for our growth will only move upwards both in terms of revenue generated and the knowledge workers added.”

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