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I2DS Is All Set To Launch Their Next Gen MES System Intelifab In SaaS Model Using Cloud


I2DS, a leading provider of MES, LIMS, Data Analytics and Manufacturing Excellence products is all set to launch their new product suite designed for the SME manufacturers. The product is expected to be one of the best and most economic solutions for Organizations seeking a hassle free, yet customized MES solution. Intelifab is being launched globally and is keenly anticipated by the American, European and Asia Pacific regions.

• Intelifab, is a scalable, agile and configurable application, aimed at providing customized functionality for SME manufacturers. It is a SaaS application and provides a single and comprehensive platform for the entire operation. It is fully hosted on the Cloud and is an ideal solution for Organizations looking for a secure web-based MES.

• Intelifab Saas is a fully cloud based solution and it requires zero investment from the client on any software or hardware besides the application. The product allows companies to pay on per/user basis and helps save cost and time required unlike that required for a traditional in-house MES rollout.

“Intelifab as a SaaS application is a better choice for an Organization which is looking to save costs associated with a full-time dedicated IT department, Servers and other hardware required in a traditional MES implementation. We at I2DS strongly believe that cloud based applications are the future in the MES space and strongly recommend it for SME Organizations. We believe that over a period of time SaaS based applications will start making more sense even for larger organizations. As we speak, we are in the process of developing cost effective cloud-based applications for the bigger manufacturers. The main reason for our launching Intelifab in a SaaS model is the fact that currently it makes a lot of sense for smaller Organizations to completely outsource both the MES and its maintenance in terms of data-base management and upgrades. The client can then concentrate their resources on their core competence and the area of operation they see as most value adding” said Vivek Bhachawat, VP of Products and Services .

Business Outlook:

Intelifab, scores where other cloud-based applications miss, in terms of customization, process adaptability, integration time and over-all process improvement achieved. The SaaS model becomes more effective for Organizations seeking a fast upgrade from status quo to a state-of-the –art solution.

“Intelifab will gain popularity among a wide range of manufacturers; this can be attributed to the fact that being in the SaaS mode the applications can provide modularity and flexibility, both in terms of cost and functionality required. Organizations can now choose the plant or functional area which needs Intelifab the most, either fully or in part, decide the number of users and pay only for what they require, and that too without having to worry about any additional cost related to IT and support. Intelifab in the SaaS model will penetrate extremely fast in various regions of the world as the concept of SaaS is already in vogue, and added to that the expertise I2DS brings on the table; it’s a win-win for all. Our prospective clients are already excited about this application and will be amazed by the value added to their business as Intelifab rolls out on their shop-floors” says Vivek Bhachawat, VP of Products and Services.

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