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I2DS All Set To Launch Their New Product For R&D Labs, Called-SmartLab

I2DS, a leading provider of Manufacturing and R&D Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, and Manufacturing Excellence software and IT, Factory Operations, Supply Chain, & Engineering Services serves various organizations and industries such as solar, semiconductor, automotive, and biotech is all set to launch their new product suite especially designed for R&D laboratories. The product is expected to be one of the best and most economic solutions for R&D labs. SmartLab is being launched globally and is keenly anticipated by the American and Asia Pacific regions, this can be attributed to the substantial presence I2DS has created in these markets in a short span of 2 years


• SmartLab, is a scalable, agile and configurable application, aimed at capturing the exact process being followed at a particular lab. It will not only enhance decision making but reduce the cycle time of the entire process.
• SmartLab, is suitable for all R&D labs, irrespective of their modus operandi, i.e. it is equipped to support both product/process improvement or innovation. It has the capability of supporting both sustainable and disruptive innovation activities, and can be used for connecting central and regional R&D centers of the same Organization.
“What makes SmartLab a better choice for any Organization is the fact that it has been developed by an Organization which has a team of experts who have actually owned process and product innovations, in various Labs for Fortune 500 companies, around the world. We understand the pain points associated with R&D lab operations better and hear problem, directly from the horse’s mouth, we know how important sample management and quick prototyping is, for any R&D lab. Our main prerogative for creating a product specifically for R&D labs is to help our customers lower their R&D expenditure and help them gain most value out of every dollar spent.” said CEO Sanjeev Gupta who has extensive experience working for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel Corporation and First Solar

Business Outlook:

SmartLab has the capability to collaborate with MES and ERP solutions which already exist in most Organizations, and this helps ensure tight integration of the entire manufacturing endeavor, right from product design to EOL of the production line. “I am very keen to see the response from our existing customers who are already using our MES solutions; they are the ones who inspired us to create SmartLab. The key functionality of SmartLab is its ability to manage and automate the entire sampling operation; it ensures high data quality and visibility throughout the process. But the winner for SmartLab would be the ease of use and reduction of total cost of ownership that goes in a paper based R&D management system ” says Sal Reddy, VP of Technical Sales and Marketing.

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