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I2DS Achieves Continued Customer Satisfaction Through Excellence In Mfg Information Solutions

I2DS, a provider of Manufacturing and R&D Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, and Manufacturing Excellence software and IT, Factory Operations, Supply Chain, & Engineering Services serves various organizations and industries such as solar, semiconductor, automotive, and biotech is being touted as the next big thing in MES and Automation industry.
• Factory MES products being developed by I2DS are being called the best-in-class solutions by their users, other packages such as Manufacturing Excellence, LIMS and FIS are receiving high praise from the industry on the whole.
• The company has announced exceptional growth in the 3rd quarter results. Revenue has been increasing at 70% and is showing a positive upward trend.
“Our expertise in Operations Management and Information Systems is the major reason for our overwhelming success on a global scale. Our team is hardworking and dedicated to achieve customer service excellence through relentless pursuit of innovation and integration.” said CEO Sanjeev Gupta who has extensive experience working for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel Corporation and First Solar.
Business Outlook:
The management is delighted by the excellent response that the organization is receiving both as praise for present products and inquiries that are being generated through the marketing endeavor. The company continues its foray into new markets of the Asia Pacific and European regions. The response from potential customers has been exciting, products that are most sought after are MES, Manufacturing Excellence, SPC and Inventory Management. “I am pleasantly surprised by the outstanding response we are generating in Asia. Our marketing campaign efforts in Asia have resulted in a flood of business inquiries. The credit for this goes to our entire team, which through its hard work and dedication has made our products globally acceptable.” says Sal Reddy, VP of Technical Sales and Marketing

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