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Gaining Competitive Advantage By Leveraging MES Data.

Markets have always been defined by certain forces, such as, Competitive, Political, Environmental and Technological Forces. Organizations around the world try to gain a better handle on these forces and use them to their advantage. Strategic positioning is extremely vital in the adverse market conditions that prevail today. Every company seeks competitive advantage to remain at a better position than its competitors. Competitive advantage basically means, being better than one’s competitor in one or more aspects of the entire value chain, i.e. being able to deliver a unique value to the customer. There are a number of ways in which companies achieve advantage over their competitors, such as, better quality, lower price, faster delivery, faster production cycle time, faster product innovation, better customer service, benchmarking etc. Gaining a better market position becomes easier for Organizations who strive to improve their process continually. For a Manufacturing Organization, all the issues mentioned above can be achieved with respect to its competition, only when it has a better control on its own manufacturing process. MES solutions are helping Organizations achieve this by integrating their production facilities, internally and externally, giving them the ability to monitor and improve their process in real-time continually. The data obtained from MES applications when used rightly can help you improve your process faster, which gives you leverage over your competitors, who are now slower than you. I2DS has developed an MES solution which helps its customers achieve a competitive edge by constantly improving their production process, by monitoring and controlling the vital parameters in their Factory Operation. Our MES solution gives you the functionality to not only collect Engineering and Quality Data, but also analyze it on our system in real time. Every aspect of your production, right from running maintenance, to monitoring the cycle time data, to performing SPC and running actual production, can be done in real time in our MES. If you are able to monitor every area, every piece of equipment and every production lot, on your computer screen and have the ability to modify, control and analyze the related data in real time, you have taken a large step towards continuous process improvement and achieving the competitive advantage you crave. The functionality abovementioned is possible only if you have a partner like I2DS who can help you achieve this seamless integration, in a smooth and professional manner. We boast our strong ability to understand various operations and deliver solutions that are both relevant and potent. We have been able to satisfy the desire of our customers to be more productive, flexible and competitive, by providing them an MES solution that best fits their needs. But I know you would not believe me until you see it for yourself, that, what I claim is actually true, so come see our MES solution in action. Help us make you a better competitor and eventually a market leader, write into us at or just hit the Request Live Demo tab on your screen right now.

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