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Factory Information System, Does My Factory Need It?

For Organizations that manufacture any kind of product, the Factory is the heart of that Organization. Factories are places where a product or a product sub-assembly is manufactured or assembled. It is in these factories that raw materials become value added products that provide the desired utility to the end user. Information that flows to and from the factories is crucial and plays a massive role in the operational efficiency and effectiveness. Traditionally solutions have been developed to help functions like Finance, Purchase, HR and Marketing. Factories and Operations, have had limited solutions aimed specifically to improve the information processing and information flow, for them.
The information that is generated from a factory is extremely crucial and determines the actual efficiency of the production. To neglect the vital info generated by the production process is no less than a crime. The factory and communication to and from it should be carefully monitored, analyzed and understood. If you are in the business of making toys, let’s say and your factory is failing to meet customer expectations or is unable to ship goods on time, you are going to end up suffering both tangible and intangible losses. Some losses like the loss of respect from customers and suppliers can have permanent effect. What I am trying to say here is very simple, if you are a manufacturing company you need comprehensive information solutions for your factory, because no matter how good your other functions perform, your profitability is determined by your factories performance.
For all manufacturing firms it is vital to understand the role of their factories and realize that operations and operations management are directly related to their profitability. Today there are information solutions that can integrate the factory and provide real-time access to the top management to help assess every important event in the factory. Such solutions aid better management and help implement best management practices. FIS or Factory Information System is a boon for organizations that have manufacturing organizations that have production facilities at separate geographic locations or have multiple production lines at the same location. With an FIS they can monitor and analyze all the important happenings in the factory and take decisions before the seriousness of an issue escalates and it becomes a serious problem. What is important however is to understand the need for an FIS and the importance of managing Factory operations!
I2DS has realized this evident need and has developed a unique solution called FIS or Factory Information System. Our FIS system is truly at the forefront of technological advancements in the manufacturing space. It enables rapid data communication from the production floor and provides the organization with a real-time status on equipment status, WIP profile, and other factory metrics. We at I2DS realize the importance of process related information and how the flow of this information can affect the bottom line of your organization. Our FIS gives management a complete picture of what is happening on their Factory Floor, this helps better and faster decision making, that in turn increases organizational flexibility and aids continuous improvement.
Factory Information Systems help you better utilize your equipment, make better tactical plans, improve cycle time, locate and relieve bottlenecks and achieve your true capacity. FIS system can provide above mentioned functionalities because it makes all the important metrics available for analysis and subsequent decision making in real-time. FIS Technology if used effectively can change the way your factory operates, let I2DS be your automation partner and reach the pinnacle of efficiency and profit optimization. To get an experience of our amazing FIS solution and other Factory Automation Solutions e-mail us right away at

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