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Factory Automation with APC

How much do you spend on R&D? I bet that if you are a competitive firm in today’s market, your R&D spending would be huge, it’s because you have to spend on Product Development continuously, and you have shorter Time-To-Market, Shorter Product Life Cycles and deal with many other Environmental factors. APC systems are being employed to better automate factories around the world and provide seamless integration and control of R&D lines. APC or Advanced Process Control is a necessity for today’s Organizations for their R&D segment. APC is composed of different kinds of process control tools, often used for solving multivariable control problems or discrete control problem. Advanced process control involves control engineering, signal processing, statistics, decision theory and artificial intelligence. In simpler terms APC is a tool that enables real-time process development and process control. Presently organizations lack the capability of being dynamic in process control and development, increasing operational efficiency while keeping the cost low is a major challenge. i2DS’ APC is a comprehensive tool which helps experts in designing and programming Automation Logic to minimize Human Intervention in R&D and Production lines & real-time maintaining process parameters by integrating in-situ metrology to Tool Control System through i2DS Framework. Our APC provides you with real-time maintaining process parameters by implementing feedback loop from offline Metrology to Tool Parameters through Factory Network. We have made our APC flexible enough to fit the R&D need of your operations and give you the ultimate control tool for your process optimization. To see our APC tool in action get in touch with us right now and let us make process control and process development simpler for you. Our e-mail address is, if you want the most modern and state-of-the-art APC solution, you need to e-mail us right away.

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