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Excursion Prevention Is A Critical Piece In Manufacturing Execution!

By Vivek Bhachawat

Almost every Doctor I have ever met has told me a cliché “Prevention is better than cure”. I believe that this statement although it might be a cliché holds true for every man made process as well. All Operations professionals know this and would agree that the sooner an excursion is detected the easier and cheaper it is to deal with. Theories like Total Productive Maintenance or TPM greatly emphasize the need for excursion prevention rather than the standard practice of excursion detection and subsequent corrective action.
Most manufacturing processes in the world have become highly complex, to make it difficult for competition to imitate them, also almost every production process is unique in some way even though the equipment used might be similar to others. Information Technology and process automation and integration applications are helping organizations around the world exercise better control and achieve higher excursion prevention. But just any ‘off the shelf’ application will not help you improve your unique process and changing the entire process to better suit the soft ware application does not make sense. A tailor made solution is required that has been designed to suit your process and then achieve the required functionality of excursion prevention.
I2DS has been able to devise such solution which are helping its customers increase the effectiveness of their prevention efforts and thereby increasing their profitability as well. Most systems lack the capability of tracking material through the production line; this may lead to a major loss in material and production time. There is an evident need for a solution that can help track material throughout the production line and I2DS has just the solution for this problem. We have developed a unique Inventory Management Solution, which allows you to track your material even after it leaves the Ware-house. Our system gives you the ability to track the exact location of material, anywhere and everywhere in the production line, right up to the finished goods stage.
Our system is capable of collaborating with your existing ERP system to give you better control and complete traceability for your material. Our system is in-line with JIT theory and helps you monitor the inventory at each and every step of production and insures you not only detect but prevent any excursion that might happen. Our system allows you to detect excursions faster and thereby helps you to prevent losses which might have otherwise occurred. So if you are interested in cutting your losses and improve traceability of your material, contact us right now and get a free demo of our path breaking solutions, e-mail us at

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