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Every Manufacturing & R&D Engineers Dream Tool

Process control and continuous improvement go hand in hand. Every engineer in manufacturing and R&D needs to have complete process information to better maneuver and control the process. The information needed by these engineers is in the form of Trend Charts, Process Performance Graphs, Data Reports, Control Charts, Tool Shut down and other such reports and graphs. To manually perform such evaluations and calculations is time consuming and hinders real-time control of the process. The need of the hour is an SPC tool embedded in your MES application for better and faster control and improvement. An SPC tool can deliver the desired functionality for R&D and manufacturing engineers. Some key attributes of SPC include control charts; a focus on continuous improvement; and the design of experiments. In simpler words SPC is a tool for Quality control that aims to achieve following objectives 1) Objective analysis of any variation 2) Increasing Productivity 3) Early detection of quality and performance related issues. If applied properly SPC can provide your Organization the competitive edge it requires. Most MES systems lack the effective implementation of SPC, but we at I2DS realize the value a good SPC tool in your MES system can add to your operations. Our SPC solution is integrated in our MES system and it allows the above mentioned functionalities in real time. This makes your control function extremely powerful as you can monitor SPC data in real time and make decisions simultaneously, that too without having to use any other system/tool for analysis. Our SPC might appear magical to a common man but it’s a powerful tool for a manager who deals with issues like quality and cost of production. Our SPC solution empowers you with tools such as CpK Trends, Real-Time Data, Trends feedback, Tool Shutdown, SMS Text Capabilities, E-mail alerts and the functionality our SPC brings does not end here. I2DS’ SPC has the capability to integrate and compare the process data from multiple factories of the Organization, providing you a comprehensive analysis tool. The reports that our SPC generates helps you get a 360 degree view of the entire operation and this helps you make more accurate and profitable decisions. So if you are an engineer in need of a real time SPC application hit the Request Live Demo tab on this web-page or send us an e-mail to us at

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