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Emerge as a Leader in Manufacturing.

Every industry has a leader, which achieves high market share. People have deep seated respect for it and its best practices and operations procedures become the industry bench mark. How do companies like Toyota, Intel, Coca-Cola, Apple etc. remain on top even in the face of adverse market conditions and limited operational resources? The reason these companies stay on top is because of their ability to reinvent and reposition themselves more effectively and faster than their competition. So is it a miracle or some hidden attribute that allows these companies to achieve their Market Leader status? The answer is No, not at all. Today the markets are way more demanding than they used to be, the attention span of the general consumer has drastically reduced, globalization has made competition much more fierce, the production cycle time and time to market have reduced immensely. What the market leaders have been able to do is not only stay abreast with the market requirements but also aim to remain ahead of the market. How is that possible? You ask. Let’s take a dig at it and understand what is required to be done if your organization has to lead the market. World Leaders have been able to achieve three critical parameters which are Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Low Costs. The tools that have enabled them to achieve these coveted parameters are- Integration of efforts, Concentration on Core competencies and strategic partnerships in other critical areas besides core competencies. To become a market leader you need to be able to concentrate on what you do best, for a company like Toyota that would be making world class cars. So if you are to concentrate on core competencies you need a partner for other critical tasks such as Raw Material supply, Logistics, Customer Service and most importantly Information Management. Information is the most important resource for any Organization and it’s all pervasive. I2DS is helping Organizations worldwide become the leaders in their industry by making sure that they concentrate on their core competencies. I2DS’ solutions provide a comprehensive integration tool for the entire operations; we deliver the required functionality which contributes in improving your Organizational Efficiency. We are able to become a better strategic partner not only because we are great in providing IT solutions, it is because we have a team which is highly experienced in managing operations. Our solution spectrum provides you tools like Data Management, Factory Automation, MES, Manufacturing Excellence and Tailor made IT solutions. We have the ability to manage your information needs more effectively and thus paving the way for you to become the industry leader. If you feel that you need a strategic partner that will not only provide you with IT services but also manage your entire operations for you, I2DS is the best choice for you. So write into us if you feel the need to be the best in business, our e-mail id is and let us manage your Information for you.

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