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Does your organization lack the ability to effectively track Safety and Quality Issues and Prevent them from happening again?

Today Organizations worldwide are struggling to achieve sky high quality standards and a safe working environment for their work force. The aim is to achieve the requisite quality at minimal operational cost. So you would agree with me when I say that, Quality and Safety are the major concern for all Organizations. Now the question is are we tracking issues related to safety and quality effectively and taking care to prevent issues before they become a major problem? Conventional packages for manufacturing organizations lack the ability to track issues related to safety and quality, also they lack the capability of preventing major incidents. At I2DS we are determined to provide solutions to the above mentioned problems for our customers globally. So now the obvious question is, how can I2DS help you achieve High Quality and Safety for your Organization? Well the answer is really simple; we have designed a state of the art Safety and Quality Management Solution that will allow you to, 1) Track each issue related to safety and quality, chronologically. 2) Provide a priority for each event. 3) Assign owner to each task and event. 4) Report issues in real time. 5) Report the status of the issue. But that’s not all, at I2DS our endeavor is to adapt our system to the customer’s operations and we can provide you the above mentioned functionalities and much more. But for that you need to get in touch with us by writing into us or Request Live Demo. Let I2DS take care of your Safety & Quality Management and give you Clarity you have always desired.

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