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Do You Have A Handle on Your Day-to-Day Factory Performance?

Ever since Industrial Revolution changed the way the world looks at production, Factories have been pivotal parts of our daily life, as an Operations professional I can’t imagine a day without visiting a factory. Factories around the world produce everything that we can possibly think of right from Chewing Gums to Parachutes to Jet Engines. What remains common in such diverse manufacturing processes is the ‘Goal’, the goal of any manufacturing organization, no matter what it produces, is Profit-Maximization. Profit-Maximization can only be achieved by improving the process performance by cutting costs and increasing output. However, it’s easier said than done, there are many forces every organization faces on a daily basis, some forces are external and some are internal. These forces tend to shape the way in which a Factory performs its operations. Factory Managers around the world have struggled to fight these forces and keep the performance of their operations streamlined with their strategic goals. To have an efficient performance, that is flexible enough to accommodate the pressure applied by various forces, we need the ability to monitor and control our Day-to-Day activities effectively. So, the question that pops up in your mind is- How do I monitor my daily operations, what is the level of control I can achieve? The answer is- You need the ability to know what is happening on the factory floor, what are the issues that are of priority, the ability to make decisions in real time and the ability to control the process on the go. At I2DS we are dealing with diverse customers, some with High Volume Manufacturing, Others with Huge R&D Labs requiring flexible manufacturing etc. We have been able to understand the pain points of our customers and provide them the right solution for them. I2DS has been able to achieve high standards in terms of Operational Performance and Efficiency as we are aware of the ‘Goal’ and our vast experience in dealing with diverse and complex operations gives us and our customers the edge they require to handle their performance effectively and improve their bottom line. To know more about the solutions suitable for your factory, e-mail us at

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