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Defect Management Is Essential For Improved Uptime and Waste Reduction

Mura, Muri and Muda are the three types of wastes we see in Japanese management theories. Mura corresponds to unevenness in production, Muri is overburdening the workers and production process and Muda is non value adding work which attributes to waste. We often forget the importance of detecting the defects that cause these wastes. Finding the root cause of a particular waste type may prove helpful in eliminating the waste from the process, or at least lead to a considerable reduction in the waste being produced. All three wastes mentioned above can be witnessed in any typical manufacturing operation; these wastes are the major cause of loss of productivity and process down time.
Even in preventive maintenance programs the stress is laid on trying to increase the machine uptime and the final product remains neglected to an extent. In order to reach the desired standard of compliance and reduce the waste being generated it is imperative to analyze the defects being encountered during the production and try and detect the root cause for them. Defect management practices not only ensure steady production but also boost quality and reduce down time.
To effectively manage and control defects a Defect Management System should be employed, either individually or as a part of a bigger integrated application such as an MES. The better way of implementing the defect management system is having it integrated in the MES itself to give a better result due to the integrated nature of the application. This way the entire production process remains transparent and it becomes easier to identify the defect and its root cause. MES applications today have become advanced and can accommodate such applications as defect management. But the question that remains important is, which MES product is suitable for your process?
Well, the answer is quite simple; the best partner for your MES implementation and defect management is I2DS. Let me explain why, I2DS is one of the few companies in the industry that has a team of experts in Operations Management, it has developed the most sought MES application and they are the leaders in design and implementation of Defect Management Systems. These inherent qualities of I2DS make it one of the most sought after solution provider in the Manufacturing Automation industry. However actions speak louder than words and we would want you to see how effective our systems are and then make your choice. So if you are struggling with defect management and want a company that can understand your process, get in touch right away and make your production more productive. Our e-mail is, you can also leave your query in the comment box and we will get back to you.

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