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Data Management Is My Major Pain Point, What Should I Do?

In my experience the question being asked above is a fairly frequent one. We live in a highly technology driven world, information is what brings us together and it is information that has become the difference between success and failure in business today. An Organization that does not have the information about the external environment, that constitutes the customers, competitors and the market on the whole, and its internal environment that constitutes process capabilities, suppliers and personnel, is destined to fail in the future. Leading organizations around the world have realized the importance of data management and knowledge development, they have used Information Technology as a weapon to fight competition and attain a higher market share.
Companies lay great stress on finding out the information related to the customers, supply chain partners and competitors. Almost all FMCG companies today drive their operations based on point of sale data obtained from various retail stores. However concentrating only on outside information although important can be fatal if the internal operations are ignored. Organizations have to realize that the most important source of information is the internal operations itself. Data Management should be more holistic and cover all aspects of an Organization’s operations. For firms in the manufacturing industry that face strict compliance standards, being able to harness and process the operational data is crucial for survival itself. Best-in-class Organizations lay great emphasis on data management of internal processes as it helps achieve a higher degree of control and flexibility.
The trouble arises when an organization realizes the need for information and data management but does not have the capability to manage its data on its own. Not all companies have the capability or resources required to design and apply a Database Management system in-house. This leads to two major considerations, 1) whether the resources needed to manage data should be acquired? And 2) whether the development, application and management of the system should be outsourced. In my view there is a very simple answer to this question, if a firm wants to be profitable and achieve excellence in all facets of business, they should outsource any activity that is not their core competence.
Today there are a myriad of Database Management products and so called ‘solution’ providers, who claim to provide a tailor made solution for your requirements. But, if you are an Organization facing trouble managing data and don’t want to go for a standard package with limited functionality, then what should you do? The answer is you need to gauge your requirement and ask your self these questions- 1) Do we need a real time database management and data processing capabilities? 2) Do we require to Tap Data directly from tools to our MES or present System? 3) Do we require features Like SPC, APC, RFID integration, Inventory & Ops Management? 4) Do we need to monitor Safety, Quality and Equipment issues in real time? If the answer to all or majority of these questions is ‘YES’, then you need to consider I2DS as your strategic partner.
We at I2DS understand the prevalent issues pertaining to Data Management and Data Architecture and we are committed to work out the best solutions for our customers, our aim is to provide world class Information Solutions at reasonable prices. If you want your Data Management problems to disappear you should mail us right away at or Click on the Request Live Demo button on our web site. We assure you that with our solutions applied in your Organization today, you will become the leader of tomorrow.

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