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Data Management – A Critical Piece To The Puzzle.

Technology has been the driving force in process improvisation ever since the advent of Industrial Era. It is through harnessing and better using technology that companies have been able to achieve Economies of Scale and develop more flexible, quality oriented production lines. Today the perception of technology has had a paradigm shift from process improvement to process integration and continuous improvement. Data Management has become a critical issue in the strategic planning of Organizations, Information processing and knowledge management are now the prime concerns. Effective Data-Management forms the back bone of the Technological Development efforts in any modern Organization. Each Organization in the world generates large volumes of Data every day, every hour, every minute; practically all the time. However this data becomes useless if not stored in a proper Database and not processed in a strong Database Management System. Today IT is the biggest concern globally and opposed to normal belief these concerns are not being eliminated rather they are escalating, as the products being manufactured worldwide are becoming more and more complex and the need to have the right info as and when required is more intense than ever. There are a myriad of Database Management products and so called ‘solution’ providers, who claim to provide a tailor made solution for your requirements. So if you are an Organization facing trouble managing data and don’t want to go for a standard package with limited functionality, then what should you do? The answer is you need to gauge your requirement and ask your self these questions- 1) Do we need a real time database management and data processing capabilities? 2) Do we require to Tap Data directly from tools to our MES or present System? 3) Do we require features Like SPC, APC, RFID integration, Inventory & Ops Management? 4) Do we need to monitor Safety, Quality and Equipment issues in real time? If the answer to all or majority of these questions is ‘YES’, then you need to consider I2DS as your strategic partner. We at I2DS understand the prevalent issues pertaining to Data Management and Data Architecture and we are committed to work out the best solutions for our customers, our aim is to provide world class Information Solutions at reasonable prices. If you want your Data Management problems to disappear you should mail us right away at or Click on the Request Live Demo button on our web site.

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