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Cycle Time Reduction Is Possible With MES!

There are two universal variables each organization deals with and it is these variables that determine the shape, size and future of the operations in every Organization. These variables are Market Forces and Internal Capabilities. Both these factors are constantly changing and interdependent, this means that every organization in the world keeps changing as per changes in these factors. In present day and age most operations in the world have become customer centric and Quality of products has become the most important deliverable. The above statement implies that now the market forces are stronger than ever and most successful organizations have realized this and have been able to successfully alter their internal capabilities accordingly. It is the pursuit of this dynamic equilibrium between market forces and internal capabilities that has cause a sea change to cycle time and TTM.
Due to smarter consumers and their short attention span, the cycle time required for product development and marketing it has become shorter than ever. The total time taken from the conception of a product till it’s ready to sell is called Time-To-Market or simply TTM. The market leader has the luxury of a higher TTM; the followers unfortunately do not have this luxury. For industries in which the products are outmoded or need updating continuously the TTM is even smaller for example the Software industry, FMCG industry etc. Shorter TTM means higher pressure on the R&D and Marketing function, but even the other verticals are also under a constant and ever increasing pressure.
So how do you survive in such difficult times? How do you ensure you can sustain under the adverse market conditions and still improve your bottom line? To reduce the TTM, it is vital to have MES applications that allow quick decision making and reduce cycle time. MES applications that are dedicated to your process will help you achieve the TTM you are looking for. MES applications allow seamless integration of all verticals in your production process and can help reduce the cycle time drastically. This happens because such systems help process information in real-time at all levels of management, thereby achieving a better and more cohesive development of products and services. But any off the shelf solution will not be the correct choice if you have a complex process and need to improve your TTM in a large way. You need a process specific solution that can adapt to your unique needs.
An MES application needs careful design and consideration of your process in every aspect. This application can help you achieve a flexible and highly adaptive operation, but the choice of the MES provider is a vital constraint to your success. Such applications can not be purchased off the shelf as general applications will never provide you the desired functionality. MES application design needs a combination of Operational expertise and Software design proficiency, these skills allow for an MES application that is process specific and can lead to great reduction in cycle time. If you have any questions about the pressures your Organization is facing to reduce cycle time and how to cope and better manage your process, please write into us at

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