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Continuous Improvement – The Key to Survival In Today’s Market

Is there really a need to improve processes continuously or is continuous improvement overrated? This question has plagued the minds of many executives, specially the ones who have got extremely efficient and highly effective processes. So let me begin this blog by a statement that will accentuate the need for continuous improvement, “The only thing permanent in this world is- Change.” We live in a world that is dynamic and ever-changing; in industrial terms what used to be order winners yesterday have become mere order qualifiers today. There is an evident and ever-pressing need to improve and evolve, just to survive, this state has resulted from a number of changes like, Globalization, Technology Diffusion, Smarter Customers, Trade/ Tariff agreements and other such factors. Organizations have that have made efforts to improve their processes have achieved higher market share, lower operating costs and faster innovations. TQM theory strongly advocates a holistic and continuous improvement approach, to achieve superior Quality and Customer Satisfaction. This holistic view means that all functional areas of an organization need an integrated approach and need look at a bigger picture that is beyond their functional boundaries. This integration and synchronization is highly desirable for Manufacturing Organizations with complex and technologically complex operations. Information Solutions are helping Organizations improve their entire business process and achieve simultaneous development of all aspects that are vital for competitive superiority. To improve an overall and ongoing improvement a comprehensive solution is required that can provide seamless integration for every aspect of process performance. I2DS has developed such solutions that have the capability to integrate the entire process and allow real time process control and improvement. The solutions that I2DS provides are- Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and all other IT/Software applications. These solutions can be used individually to improve a specific aspect of your operations or can be used as a complete package for complete automation and simultaneous improvement of the entire business process. Our solutions will allow you to improve Safety, Quality, Operational Efficiency, Throughput and Overall Operational Costs. These solutions are aimed at achieving structured improvement through systematic planning and efficient process control. So if you realize the importance of Continuous Improvement and the significance of IT in achieving this improvement; don’t wait, get in touch with I2DS right away. Let us be your strategic partner and make your Business Process Improvement a continuous and successful endeavor, our e-mail id is Always remember that change is inevitable, continuous improvement is mandatory for survival and the choice of the right partner for improvement can be the difference between success and failure

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