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Complete Transactional History of Equipment Issues in Your Factory.

What are the major cost centers in a manufacturing environment? According to me the two main cost centers are Inventory and Operational Expenses. Inventory expenses can be minimized if managed effectively; it’s comparatively easier than cutting costs on Operational Expenses. Why so? Will be you next question, the answer is- Inventory is easier to track than many operational expenses specially the ones that are related to your equipments and occur in no particular sequence. Most factories today who follow a Preventive maintenance schedule would want to disagree with my statement above, their argument would be- Our maintenance is well scheduled and we are cutting operational expenses by adhering to it. My counter argument is- I agree PM does contribute to the cost bracket and is definitely better than trying to cure a problem after it occurs, but the most importantly- Is the PM you practice well documented? Yes, it is vital to know the transactional history when it comes to any issues related to equipments, especially the equipments used in modern factories, due to their high capital cost. The reason why transactional history is so important is because maintenance which is not sequential and well documented can lead to redundant efforts and rather than cutting costs, they can become a cost center. The trouble with conventional maintenance practices is that they aim to simply eliminate the problem at hand and due to lack of historical data the Root-Cause of the problem is never discovered. So if you are a Factory Manager or an Operations Head by now you would be worried about the above statements. But you don’t have to worry, we at I2DS have just the solution for you, it’s called ‘Equipment Tracker’. This amazing tool allows you to enter and view each issue related to all equipments, also it gives you the ability to view the transactional history of every equipment on your factory floor and discover the root cause of the problem. This solution if used effectively will be able to make a huge difference in your equipment related costs. To get hands on experience of this solution just hit the Request Live Demo button on our Web-Page or write to us at-

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