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Capturing Daily Activities on Your Production Floor Is not an Easy Task

If you are an Operation’s professional, you would agree with me when I say that a major loss is caused due to improper communication and inefficient issue tracking. I personally remember a few instances when the quality of the product suffered due to negligence in tracking the right issue or neglecting the repair of equipment, how an urgent shipment got delayed due to verbal notification and lack of official communication. Over the years operation’s professionals deal with such issues almost on a daily basis, but these issues are easily avoidable. Organizations that are successful today have the capability of controlling their production facility better than their competitors; they are more flexible and can scale up their production as and when required. So are these Organizations doing some kind of magic? How are they better and faster than your Organization?
Well magic is not why the best become the best. It is their approach towards management and their ability to employ technology that makes such Organizations better. Imagine if you had the ability to track every issue on your factory floor, related to safety, quality, equipment and factory communication. You would agree that your operation would improve drastically. Information Technology is making it possible to ensure effective communication, issue ownership and issue tracking to the lowest level of organizational and process hierarchy. Manufacturing Excellence applications are transforming the way manufacturing plants are operated, these applications are helping improve the operation standards and competitive position of OEMs and other manufacturers.
But is any Manufacturing Excellence package correct for you? The answer is no, not at all. I believe every manufacturing process is unique; this is because of the fact that each organization has an inherent set of resources and unique environmental conditions. Thus a Manufacturing Excellence application should be process specific and not general. Every Operations manager gives importance to certain parameters, for the sake of this discussion lets say Quality, Safety, Equipment and Factory Communication. If the package available cannot capture the details of the parameters above mentioned, it is rendered useless for this particular Organization.
I2DS has devised a Manufacturing Excellence solution that can fit to your process and give you the power of monitoring and controlling the process parameters you consider vital. So if you believe that Safety, Quality, Factory Communication and Equipment issues are important cost centers and need to be monitored and controlled effectively, I2DS’ Manufacturing Excellence allows you to do exactly that. You have the capability to assign priorities and owners to each issue, see the real time actions and judge the performance of the entire process or the performance of individual parameters. With I2DS as your Excellence partner, you will never miss a vital issue and will be able to reduce the operating costs drastically, thereby achieving better profitability. With I2DS you can gain process excellence and this would help you become the Best-In-Class Operation. So open your doors to Manufacturing Excellence and I2DS, write into us at, and give us the opportunity to help you achieve excellence in all your competitive priorities.

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