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Can Information solutions make my factory more efficient?

I have always had a strong belief that companies that aspire to be more efficient also achieve higher profitability. It is only through doing things better, faster and cheaper that profitability of an operation increases, assuming that the demand is constant. Even if the demand for your end product is variable which is always the case, an efficient process can better adapt to varying demand and use the valuable resources available for other areas of attention. Technology plays a key role in the pursuit of higher efficiency; it is through the application of technological marvels that a quantum leap can occur in process efficiency.
One of the major changes that have occurred in the last decade or so is in the way organizations handle their information and knowledge management. Information Technology has become the most important area of Strategic decision making. IT applications are being used to integrate and automate the entire operation of multinational organizations, right from purchase of raw materials to the point of sale. It is these information solutions that negate the bull-whip effect in supply chains, achieve better demand projections, ensure higher customer satisfaction and enable efficient production.
ERP applications have become commonplace and are helping companies save valuable time, resources and money. Such applications are making the overall operation of the entire value chain of such organization more effective and thereby more efficient. Even in Organizations primarily into manufacturing of products, solutions like MES, RFID (for inventory and process control), Manufacturing Excellence, LIMS, DMS, and FIS. are helping operations become faster and more flexible. These information solutions are automating the entire manufacturing process of Organizations, even the ones which have different geographical locations for different operations. These solutions have the power of achieving higher process efficiencies and real time decision making.
The question is not whether these solutions are required, off course they are. The real question is who is the right technology partner for such applications? Organizations that are facing trouble managing information and don’t want to go for a standard package with limited functionality, what should they do? The answer is you need to gauge your requirement and ask your self these questions- 1) Do we need a real time database management and data processing capabilities? 2) Do we require to Tap Data directly from tools to our MES or present System? 3) Do we require features Like SPC, APC, RFID integration, Inventory & Ops Management? 4) Do we need to monitor Safety, Quality and Equipment issues in real time? If the answer to all or majority of these questions is ‘YES’, then you need to consider I2DS as your strategic partner.
We at I2DS understand the prevalent issues pertaining to Information Management and Data Architecture and we are committed to work out the best solutions for our customers, our aim is to provide world class Information Solutions at reasonable prices. If you want your Data Management problems to disappear you should mail us right away at or Click on the Request Live Demo button on our web site. We assure you that with our solutions applied in your Organization today, you will become the leader of tomorrow.

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