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Best In Class Systems That Transform Your Innovation Efforts

Innovation is broadly categorized into two segments; one is radical innovation and the other results from continuous improvement of business process. Radical innovation results from the creation of a completely new product or service which achieves customer delight because of its novelty. However radical innovations are difficult to achieve and plan for. Innovations that stem from continuous improvement of processes are easier to sustain and plan for. As processes today have become extremely refined the scope of achieving radical innovations are far lesser than ones resulting from continuous improvement efforts. IT has been a major contributor towards these improvement efforts, it has helped automate and integrate the entire value chain of Organizations and made real time and fact based decision making possible. TQM strongly advocates the use of Information Systems for process improvement and better control. Manufacturing Companies today are in need of systems that understand their unique process and can provide seamless integration to achieve continuous and sustainable innovation. I2DS has realized this need for companies to evolve continuously and has devised the most modern state-of-the-art solutions to cater to these innovation needs. We have a wide range of products to cater any IT need you might have and we believe in careful analysis of our client’s needs and then devising the perfect solution for them. We have a myriad of successful products such as Factory MES, Communication Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Management, Database Management and Process Automation. The above mentioned solutions are tailor-made to our client’s needs and can be applied individually or as a complete package. I2DS is the correct IT partner for you, as we believe that the only way to our success is through yours. Let I2DS take your innovation endeavors to a new high, write into us at or just hit the Request Live Demo Tab and we will get back to you.

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