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Are you striving for a Best-In-Class Factory?

Every CEO in the world strives to make his/her organization the best in its class. If you read the Vision or Mission statement of any organization in the world this desire to be the best and even better, will become very evident. Irrespective of the line of business every company strives to be labeled the best in business, today we will talk about achieving this dream and making it a reality for manufacturing organizations, for whom their factories are the main source of revenue. So how can you become the best company around? Is it by having a strong leadership? Is it by having a well established factory? Is it possible by having high tech equipments and huge capital investments? Is it by achieving Quality Conformance and Customer Satisfaction? Well, the answer is Yes and No. Yes you require most of the things mentioned above but that’s not all, being the best requires a lot more. Let’s discuss how we can move from Quality Conformance to Quality Excellence and from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight. To be the best any factory has to be ahead of their competition in a few of the criterion below mentioned if not all, which are- Quality, Speed, Flexibility and Cost. It is considered impossible for a single entity to be the best at all factors discussed above, but if you read further you will realize that you can be the best in most of them if you are able to achieve the below mentioned functionalities. In the present era of fully automated factory operations and small cycle times, Information has become one of the most important resources if not the most important. So to be the leader in your class of manufacturing, besides having the above mentioned features of- Strong Leadership, High Tech production Facility etc. its extremely critical how you handle Information and achieve knowledge management. I2DS has world class solutions for Information Management which gives our clients the edge in the cut throat competition today. We provide a whole spectrum of solutions such as- Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and Complete IT and Software services. These solutions have helped the Best Factories in their class to become even better, by achieving synergized operations, real-time decision making, eliminating Human Error, reducing inventory and operations costs. Our expert team can help you find the right solution for your Factory and provide you with state of the art functionality in operations. We at I2DS strongly advocate the power of Information Management and Processing and our solutions will help you dedicated more resources in developing your core competencies. So by now I am sure you would like to know how can we make a difference to your bottom line and make your Factory the Best-In-Class. Then don’t wait for a single moment get in touch with us at Or post your requirement online and we will get back to you instantly.

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