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Are you missing granularity in your MES Data?

Manufacturing Organizations of the modern industrial era have realized the importance of Automation and Integration of their operation is vital for survival and growth. The quality standards have evolved and become highly specific, Quality is no more an order winner but has become an order qualifier. Automation and Integration play a vital role in achieving the high Quality Standards set by the market leaders or required by the Laws of the State. Manufacturing Execution Systems are helping Organizations the required automation and integration, to achieve the desired quality. An MES system is supposed to provide a seamless and smooth integration of your Factory Operations and should be able to provide highly rich information about the operation both in quality and quantity. So the question now is-does your MES system achieve this highly desired ‘Granularity’, or is it just another fancy system that does not add to your organization’s bottom line at all? The decision to have an MES application is a strategic decision, as the entire Operational efficiency of your plant depends on the MES package and a wrong decision in selection of an MES partner can cost you dearly. I2DS’ MES package is one of the most advanced applications in the market today; this solution is aimed at achieving the desired level of integration and enable automation without making operations complex. We at I2DS realize the importance of correct and potent information in a high tech manufacturing environment and we aim at achieving continuous process optimization for our partners by providing them the right information at the right time, to the right person and most importantly in the right form. In every manufacturing organization, irrespective of the volume of production, every lot and each SKU is equally important in terms of desired quality levels. We have incorporated in our MES solution features that give you the granularity you require to achieve the high quality you desire. So how does our system do it? Just to give you a little snap shot, I will ask you a few questions about your MES, also bear in mind all the questions will be related to product capability and yes our MES solution has all of them. So here goes- 1) Does your MES track the parent-child relationship? 2) Is your MES equipped with Split-Merge functionality? 3) Does your MES allow easy and effective EDC? 4) Does your MES have real time SPC tools? 5) Does you MES have the ability to track complete transactional history of each lot at any given step of operation? Well if the answer to most of the questions is ‘NO’, then you need to get in touch with us right now and get the desired granularity your MES lacks. Our contact- Or the Request Live Demo Button on this Web Page.

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