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Are you in need of a factory tool integration solutions and services?

Factory is the pivot around which the business of any manufacturing organization revolves, it is the major source of revenue as it produces the goods sold by the company, but it is also a major cost center. Today we will try and establish an understanding of factory automation, tool integration, optimizing factory operations etc. But first let us try and understand the need of factory automation. During and much after the Industrial Revolution many factories were labor intensive and production process was purely manual; this led to various errors and variations in production. As each Individual has his/her own limitations the output remained flawed in some or the other aspect, for organizations that wished to achieve mass production this was a major pain point, as in such production achieving economies of scale was a far cry . Slowly organizations moved towards automation starting from semi-automatic assembly lines using conveyer belts to move parts of the product on the factory floor. After this came the stage of fully automated plants in which an array of robots, conveyers, electronic lifts etc. were used for production with the idea that this would minimize costs and improve production efficiency. However, just having a lot of automatic devices does not automate your factory, as a truly automated factory is integrated in every way possible. An automated factory is where tools can communicate with the Data-base, where automated yield management and automated materials movement is possible. An automated factory has a comprehensive SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) application that enables effective HMI or Human Machine Interface. So if you have a Factory that requires this tool automation who should you look at for a Solution? Well the answer to this is fairly simple; you should look at the best company to provide you with complete and comprehensive tool integration solutions and services and that company is none other than I2DS. We specialize in factory automation and our wide range of amazingly flexible products is what you require for applications like Tool Integration, Data Tap, SCADA, RFID implementation etc. So don’t waste your precious time, get in touch with us now and let us automate your operations for you. E-mail us at and we will transform your factory and give you the edge that you deserve.

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