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An SPC Application Integrated With Your MES Is The Ideal Control System

Process control, is a derivative of the school of thought that believes that management should be treated as more of a Science and should be based on hardcore evidence and facts, rather than managerial whims. I am an ardent believer of the same truly believe that what can be measured can definitely be managed when it comes to a process that has certain parameters and metrics. However, I do believe that when is comes to leading a team or converting a sales call a certain degree of personal charisma is required and that is a bit of an art, but when we talk about managing a process it is a pure science and should be subjected to strict and clearly defined process control measures.
All modern theories of management such as TQM, Lean, Six Sigma and others state the importance of SPC or Statistical Process Control in process management. SPC enables accurate process control and ensures quality parameters are achieved. SPC can be applied universally to any process where the required output can be measured. Some key tools used in SPC include control charts; a focus on continuous improvement; and the design of experiments. In simpler words SPC is a tool for Quality control that aims to achieve following objectives 1) Objective analysis of any variation 2) Increasing Productivity 3) Early detection of quality and performance related issues. If applied properly SPC can provide your Organization the competitive edge it requires.
If your factory requires better process control you need to consider the possibility of applying an SPC application that has the capability to collect, measure and analyze all process metrics and provide the desired information to facilitate better decision making. The ideal scenario is when your MES application has an in-built feature that incorporates an SPC. However most MES systems lack the effective implementation of SPC and that’s where I2DS comes in the picture. We have been able to incorporate one of the most revered SPC modules in our MES application, thereby providing our clients a seamless integration of their process functioning and process control.
We as an Organization truly believe that to achieve six sigma levels of production an effective SPC is mandatory. We specialize in the design and application of industry and process specific SPC applications. You can choose to apply our SPC separately or along with our MES application, we always recommend that SPC be employed with an MES for better functionality. If you need an SPC application and would like to understand how employing it can aid better process control, faster decision making, better quality and higher profitability, then you need to see our SPC application in action. To know more about SPC applications for your industry, e-mail us right away at or just hit the Request Live Demo Tab on this webpage.

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