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An R &D MES Solution best suited for your company

Many of today’s MES packages considerably lack the R&D Manufacturing flexibility and functionality needed by process development organizations. These solutions are more focused on “controlling” the production floor rather than delivering on the research process needs.
R&D companies are seeking solutions that not only track their material in the production line, but also enable them to capture changing process conditions in either a batch or continuous process, allow process engineers to split and merge parent and child lot material, and capture critical or non-critical engineering data parameters real-time. I2DS delivers on these capabilities as well as other functionality for both R&D and High-Volume Manufacturing lines.
Capturing changing process conditions while material is running can be a challenging task. Too often engineers have to sift through piles of data in search of these variations. I2DS’ integrated MES system allows users to seize critical process development information whether you are running a batch or continuous line.
A unique feature that sets the product apart from traditional MES packages is its ability to split any amount of material from a batch and merge the material back at any point in the process flow. The split content can follow the same operational sequence or can follow its own predefined flow. Material can be reworked at any sequence in the flow.
In today’s manufacturing world, data is the foundation of successful technology development. Whether it is material data, equipment data, process data, engineering data, or special instruction data, I2DS’ MES is designed to capture all aspects of your manufacturing process automatically or through manual entry.
I2DS provides R&D and HVM organizations the features and functionality that enables them quick information turns during the process development lifecycle.

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