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In the fast changing market conditions Organizations rely on Information systems to establish a better competitive stance and achieve sustainable profitability. I2DS which stands for Integrated Data Driven Solutions- as an organization aims to help its partner Organizations achieve their goals by providing information system solutions that provide integration and help them achieve operational excellence without loosing sight of profitability and growth. I2DS attracts clients world-wide due to its vast knowledge base, excellent solutions and unparalleled customer service.

The core management of I2DS is a body of extremely talented, highly skilled and well seasoned individuals from various Fortune 500 companies and together they form one of the most formidable teams in the Information Solutions Industry today. The expert team at I2DS specializes is solving problems faced by diverse industries through tailor made information solutions. I2DS has a fascinating pool of talent from various industries and experts that understand the requirements of decision makers, right from operational to strategic decisions.

I2DS is an endeavor to facilitate better management of production and operations facilities through solutions like the- MES, Manufacturing Excellence, Factory Automation and Data Management. Our expertise is not limited to ‘know-how’, but transcends to the ‘know-why’ stage of process knowledge and software solutions. This makes our solutions the Best-in-class. I2DS has an employee base that spreads around the globe and facilitates a comprehensive support structure, which provides service and support 24×7. Our aim as an Organization is to add ‘Value’ to our clients operation through state-of-the-art information solutions, which aid continuous improvement and sustained profitability, in today’s complex market.


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