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A Tool to Reduce Production Scrap Rates.

For Organizations world-wide Scrap Rate reduction is a major pain point. Scrap Rate is defined as- Percentage of failed assemblies or materials that can neither be repaired nor restored and is thus discarded. In high volume manufacturing or HVM, the scrap rate is a critical issue; it reflects the quality of production and also reflects the control that is being exercised to prevent excess scrap. Ideally in a perfect production system the scrap rate would be zero, as all inventory items would be used optimally to generate value added final products, effective maintenance would insure that all tools and equipments are up and running. But all Operations Professionals know that Scrap generation is inevitable, but there are various ways in which we can control the scrap rate. The control becomes even more important if the value of the final product is higher; scarp generated during and after production can lead to significant loss to the factory. So today we will focus on how to control losses and reduce scrap rate, where it matters the most i.e. the production line. TQM advocates that if Quality and Customer Satisfaction become the center of focus it would automatically ensure that the waste/scrap etc. reduce. Lean Management also points out that ensuring quality and adding value at each step of production is crucial in eliminating any waste generating exercise. Optimizing the production flow, essentially leads to better quality and better quality means reduced. Till now we have established that effective management of Quality will lead to a reduction in Scrap Rate. The next important question is how do you manage quality in your production facility? Is your quality management endeavor reducing your scrap rate? Quality in it self is treated differently in every organization, for some its strict adherence and conformance to standards, for others it might be achieving customer delight by adding features, enhancing performance, delivering reliable service, being flexible etc. what remains common is the need to monitor quality of the product and the process in order to control and subsequently reduce waste. I2DS’ Quality Management Solution has been able to satisfy this universal need by giving organizations the ability to monitor and control Quality for their entire facility. The system allows users to input and analyze each quality issue, along with priority, owner, description etc this allows the management to not only get a comprehensive view of the Quality related issues it also give them the ability to control the Quality in Real-Time. With our system installed in your facility, no Quality issue can ever be neglected or missed out, if the Quality is being managed and controlled effectively it allows you to efficiently reduce the Scrap Rate and thereby increase the profitability and productivity of your Operations. I am sure after reading the above you want to know more about this excellent solution so then write in to us and achieve the desired Quality and reduce Scrap Rate to a minimum possible, our e-mail id is We are waiting to hear from you.

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