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A Proven Model To Control Your Information Technology Costs

What is the need for Outsourcing IT? Is outsourcing IT really cost efficient? What is the extent of outsourcing that is optimum for IT? Who is the right partner for our IT needs? The above mentioned questions represent a few strategic and tactical concerns every organization has with regard to IT. Let me ask you a simple question- Is IT your Core Competency? If the answer is- No, then you need to outsource IT for your Organization. The reason for this is multifaceted, so let us look at all aspects of IT outsourcing and why it is so beneficial. From the strategic point of view, you need to concentrate on your core competence, so outsourcing IT seems obvious. But there is more to it, IT outsourcing gives you access to technical expertise of professional firms that specialize in IT, this will help you achieve better results and keep the head count minimal in your in-house IT department. From the tactical point of view the resources that are liberated from outsourcing IT can be better used for development and improvement of your strategically important processes. Development of IT means hiring professionals who specialize in the sector and this adds to the total costs, also since IT is not your core competence the career path for such professional becomes stunted. Successful companies remain successful for a reason and that reason is that they recognize the importance of concentrating on their core competence and yet recognizing the power of IT as a means of improving the business process on the whole. What I mean to say is if you specialize in making Cars or Solar Panels, stick to it, but don’t neglect the potential of IT in achieving performance excellence. By now, I guess it is pretty clear why you need to outsource IT but the bigger question is who to outsource it to? This is a question of strategic importance considering how vital IT has become in process development and control. The choice of the right IT partner depends on a few critical issues, such as, the competence of the partner in IT and your Industry, the solutions the partner can provide for you and the overall benefit your organization derives from such a partnership. For manufacturing Organizations worldwide the choice of right partner is fairly simple, it’s I2DS. Yes I2DS is the right partner for all your IT needs, because we specialize in solutions that are dedicated to manufacturing industry. The range of solutions we provide are comprehensive and cover all functional areas of a manufacturing organization, our solutions and services are- Factory Automation, Data Management, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and all other IT/Software applications. We also provide the requisite manpower to help our customers right from installation to proper implementation and beyond, this way you can cut costs of having and paying an IT department. We believe in long term relationships with our customers and place their needs at the top of our priority list, our customers have entrusted us with the responsibility of managing their entire IT and we have been able to provide them the process improvement and cost efficiency they desire. So if you are looking for an IT partner who can help you not only by providing tailor made IT solutions but also make a difference to your bottom-line, you need to contact I2DS right away. Our e-mail id is and we are waiting to hear from you

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