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A One-Stop-Shop for Data Management, Factory Automation, Factory MES, Manufacturing Excellence and IT/Software Services.

The IT needs for every Organization is unique and the functionality required by them is diverse and multifaceted. Time has come to look beyond the generalized packages available today and focus on individual needs. Tailor made products for Data Management, Factory Management, Factory MES etc. are changing the way Organizations are doing business today.

We at I2DS are dedicated to provide complete Information Solutions to Organizations that want to optimize their operations. I2DS is a one stop shop for every IT need of your Organization, as we make products focused on your operations. Our products focus on not just sustaining your Operations but improving them by providing unique features that conventional IT packages would never be able to provide. Our MES system provides functionality which is unparalleled, as we have the capability of understanding your Operations and then adapting those requirements into feasible solutions, that provide you the competitive edge and helps you make effective decisions in real time.

At I2DS we have over 100 years of experience in managing Operations and that is what makes us a better Strategic partner for your Organization.

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