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A Boost In Productivity Is a Boost In Profit

Process efficiency is a function of process capability, external and internal environment factors that directly or indirectly affect the process. The external environment factors that are directly under the organization’s control such as supplier material quality, 3PL service provider’s performance can be controlled to some extent. But most external factors remain out of control for any organization. When there is bullish demand for our products we can safely say that the profitability is directly proportional to productivity and thus also to process capability. Also when I say directly proportional it’s just a figure of speech and not a mathematical deduction. What we can safely say is if the demand for our products is high and our process is inefficient we are going to face loss which is multifaceted in nature, i.e. direct loss resulting from stock outs and indirect loss resulting from bad publicity and customer dissatisfaction. Achieving high productivity remains the only solution in such a situation, if subcontracting is not an option. Now let us assume that the process capability can not be varied, does this mean we can’t increase the productivity? No, it is certainly not the case; most manufacturing organizations fail to deal with their internal environment which affects their productivity. Doing things right the first time, laying greater emphasis on initial design of process and product and exercising statistical process control can boost your productivity manifolds. This productivity boost however is impossible without the use of Information Technology systems that can integrate the process and make it possible to detect, control and eliminate the assignable causes of failures. Such systems are being developed by I2DS which achieve not only high productivity but also make a difference to the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing profitability. The range of products we offer are- Factory MES, Communication Management, Manufacturing Excellence, Inventory Management, Safety Management, Quality Management, Equipment Management, Database Management and Process Automation. The above mentioned solutions are tailor-made to our client’s needs and can be applied individually or as a complete package. With solutions such as the ones I have just discussed you can better control your process and set achievable targets for boosting productivity. Our solutions are helping our customers increase their profitability and cut operating cost at the same time. I2DS systems have the capability to integrate your entire process irrespective of location, equipment type, level of automation and process complexity. So if you agree with me and need a partner who will make your operations more productive and profitable write to us at

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